Shatta Starter

Shatta is so simple and so essential to the Palestinian eating experience, I feel a bit silly calling this a recipe. Its essentially preserved chillies that you can use to dress dips, salads and meats. You can make red or green I personally hardly ever use it neat, but instead use it as a sort of shatta starter in the fridge that I add to kofta mix, to make sauces, marinades and dips.

You need sterilised air proof jars that fit in your fridge.


a large handful of red or green chilies

1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

1 tsp of salt

a lot of very good quality extra virgin olive oil


clean the chili and cut the ‘hats’ off, leaving them otherwise intact with their seeds in

put the chili in a herb blitzer or food processor and chop up until pretty small

put them in your jar with the vinegar and salt and stir through. then add the olive oil. Add enough to fully coat and seal the chili, leaving to soak through and settle and then adding more if you need to.

keep in your fridge. I promise you will use this daily. the oil may solidify in your fridge which is fine. you can either move it aside or leave your jar on the counter to get it to room temperature before using.

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