Palestinian Chips

People mock me when I call these Palestinian chips.  As if putting the word Palestinian in front of them make them somehow different, or gives even the humble chip a Palestinian origin like we seem to be able to do with almost everything else!  But honestly, they are different.  Not just the shape, which is actually absolutely essential to their identity- just ask Mama!-  but also the amount of salt and PEPPER you put on them.  you must actually be able to taste strong pepper and it makes them delicious.  You will find these in every Falafel place in Palestine and of course in my house. 


A load of medium-sized  potatoes, peeled, sliced and chopped in half moons

Lots of freshly crunched sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Enough vegetable oil to deep fry


prepare the potatoes by peeling and then slicing about ½ cm and them cut across the cross-section to make half-moons.

Fry in the hot oil then take out and place of kitchen paper

Just before serving put back into the hot oil for a minute of two

As soon as you take them out, cover them in salt and pepper and serve hot.

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