Ahlan wa Sahlan!  Hello and welcome to The Olive Tree Kitchen

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In our house we cook together and we eat together.  We tell stories and we discuss politics.  We sit around a large table and laugh and disagree.  We talk about our day and share ideas for new recipes.

There are two little boys a Teta, a mama and a baba.  The Teta does all the hard work in the kitchen, the mama always asks if its delicious, Baba always rates the food 20/10 and baby always eats every drop.

There are good days and there are bad ones.  We remember Palestine, we cook and we eat her food, praying that justice and peace will come.

This is our Olive Tree Kitchen and these are it’s recipes.

My Mother, Nadia, and I cook all these recipes together and more often than not its her beautiful hands that are in the photos.




Born in Jerusalem and raised in Yemen, I now live in Buckinghamshire with my Husband, two Sons and Mother.

We love cooking and eating Palestinian food in our house as well as sitting around the table and talking politics.

I work for a small and dynamic human rights charity focusing on Palestine. I have previously been the Country Director for Israel and Palestine for a large humanitarian and aid charity and been a humanitarian worker for the UK Department for International Development.