Gazan Seabass


The Mediterranean is well known for its delicious seabass.  And the best way I have had it cooked is in Gaza.  My mother has a wonderful photograph of her and her sisters and cousins holidaying in Gaza wearing fashionable 60s bikinis and Jackie Kennedy-style scarves over their heads secured with sunglasses.

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Sushi with a Mediterranean Twist (Avocado, Salmon and Olives)

In Palestine, everything that is rolled up is referred to as Sushi.  Humus and pita sushi, aubergine and chickpea sushi ans so on.  so this is my take on Mediterranean sushi.  Whenever I am with friends and family from the West Bank on the rare occasion that they are able to leave the West Bank they always want to go to the sea and eat seafood.  ‘As Palestinians, we used to have access to three seas and now we have none’ my cousins husband once said to me as we walked around Birzeit to a point where he pointed to the horizon, you can even see Jaffa and the sea form here on a good day, I wonder if we will ever be able to go there again…?’ Read More