Shatta Sauce

Can you have fish without chips? or mash without gravy? or anything without Shatta Sauce? NO. I make a fresh batch of this every 2-3 days because its so delicious and goes on everything. It lives on a low shelf in my fridge so that mama can get to it before we wake to douse her breakfast in and its served either on all of our food- rice, salads, meats, hummus, labaneh- or in a small bowl for us to dip everything and anything in. I strongly recommend that you make it and make it again.


 3 large red chillies

2 plump red on vine tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp sugar
1tsp salt
A good glut of extra virgin olive oil


put the chillies, tomatoes and garlic into a mini blitzer or food processor and turn on for a few minutes until lovely and smooth.

mix in the sugar, salt and olive oil and then pop in your fridge in a sealed jar.

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