Chili Ful with Tahini Yoghurt

This dish always reminds me of going to Gaza. We used to stop for lunch near the beach at Khan Younis in between visiting communities and projects. I always let my friend Azzam order for me as he is a real foodie and its great to eat to someone else’s taste every so often. He always used to order a minty, yoghurty, hummusy dish which was served warm and had an unreal amount of spice on it- a lot of Gazan food is very spicy.

Anyway, on trying to recreate it at home i ended up with this delicious, light, summer, lunch dish.

Serve along side warm bread, falafel and salad.


500g natural yoghurt

90g tahini

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

a tin of mixed ful and chickpeas

1 plump on-vine tomato, finely chopped

1 small green chilli

1 long sweet green pepper

fresh mint, roughly torn

extra virgin olive oil



empty the contents of the ful and chickpea can into a small saucepan including all the liquid and heat through on a low/ medium heat

mix together the yoghurt, tahini, salt and garlic

finely blitz or chop the green chilli and green pepper together

once all elements are chopped and ready, assemble by adding half the ful and chickpea mixture to the yoghurt mixture. combine them and then arrange in a serving platter.

then in the middle arrange the rest of the ful and chickpeas on top, then the tomatoes and blitzed green chili on top of that. tear over some mint and drizzle with olive oil. serve while still warm.

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