Mama’s Fluffy Basmati Rice


When I was a child my mama was very concerned that I would turn into a large grain of basmati rice. This was because for many years it was largely all I ate. My mama’s fluffy rice served with toasted nuts, herbs and yoghurt was all I needed for much of my tiny years and even now, I am happy to eat just this. And I think that I now cook it just as tastily as she did. My husband always smiles when he comes home to find that we are having this dish because it tells him just the kind of day I have had.

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Middle Eastern Stuffed Zucchini


When I was younger, my mother used to sit with a large pan of zucchinis and aubergines on one side of her and a large bowl of mixed lamb, rice and herbs on the other. She would sit there coring the vegetables, and ask me to stuff the hollow zucchinis and aubergines with the fragrant rice mix. I would usually come in half way through and help her on the home-run. She was always very appreciative of my help and I still cherish those times we spent together doing something we both loved, and creating lifelong passions for healthy food cooked to taste good and bring people together.

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