Mama’s Fluffy Basmati Rice


When I was a child my mama was very concerned that I would turn into a large grain of basmati rice. This was because for many years it was largely all I ate. My mama’s fluffy rice served with toasted nuts, herbs and yoghurt was all I needed for much of my tiny years and even now, I am happy to eat just this. And I think that I now cook it just as tastily as she did. My husband always smiles when he comes home to find that we are having this dish because it tells him just the kind of day I have had.

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Warm Frothy Hazelnut Milk with Cinnamon



Its cold cold cold in London tonight. I read recently that in cold weather, humans like to find a partner and hibernate with them. The rates of new relationships and people seeking relationships goes up in winter, as people seek to find someone to cuddle up with and keep out of the cold. Tonight is certainly one of those night where you just want to crawl under a blanket and snuggle up with a warm drink.

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Fattoush is a salad.   And this salad tastes like home.  As a child I would finish the dinner on my plate and then finish the rest of this salad straight out of the serving bowl.   I still serve it in the same old cracked bowl my Mama used to, which she handed down to me when my husband and I bought our first home.

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Salata Arabia

When I eat this salad I am transported back to the Jordan Valley, where I spend a lot of time with farmers who are being supported by the livelihoods programme I run.  As I get out of the car at 8am into the perfectly dry heat, I am ushered over to an upturned pallet that has a bowl of this salad on it with a plate of Labneh, fresh and warm bread and sweet sweet tea.  They grow all the ingredients for this salad right here; fresh and proud.  I sigh with relief as I have missed breakfast to get here so early, I have been in the car for hours.  I tuck in, while hearing about how things have been since my last visit.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Roasted Pumpkin & Oregano Risotto

Autumn squash

I was wondering around all the stunning organic produce at a local farmers market recently when I came across a box of gorgeous mini squashes. They were a fabulous variety of colours, shapes and sizes and they perfectly optimized this amazing autumnal season for me. This is such a romantic time of year for me, as it always reminds me of when my husband and I first started courting in October four years ago. Long walks wrapped up in chunky scarves and jumpers, warm autumnal soups, watching fireworks and cuddling up while it’s cold outside.

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Roasted Red Pepper & Caramelised Shallot Hummus


Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis six months ago, I have done a lot of reading and a lot of learning. I have completely changed the way I eat, drink, move and think. One of the most fun things has been creating new recipes and putting them all on this blog, ensuring that I can enjoy all my favourite foods and stay healthy. However, I have still been struggling with pains and mobility restrictions and this can be a real mental and emotional challenge.

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Warm Roasted Red Pepper & Multi-Coloured Tomato Salad


In autumn I love to eat food that is deep red, orange and yellow in colour to match the trees turning colour outside. These colours always feel so hearty and delicious mixing deep wintery flavours with mild summer sweetness. I eat lots of salads in the summer, and this dish is the perfect way to welcome in the new colder season, as it’s still a salad but served warm; perfect for autumn days before the cold of winter really sets in.

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Maca, Banana & Fig Smoothie


I love to eat as many figs as u can at this time of year when they are ripe, plentiful and cheap. They always remind me of autumn and they always remind me of my Mama, who also loves them. I remember when I was younger, I would spend hours climbing the large fig tree in our garden on warm summer evenings.

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