Herby Feta

My mother didn’t really teach me recipes, she taught me how to cook. How to have an instinct for flavours, consistencies to achieve and methods of preparation. and i suppose that is what this herby feta is. It isn’t really a recipe, its a way of eating.


100g feta

handful of fresh parsley and fresh mint

1/2 chopped tomato

crack of black pepper

drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

optional: sprinkle of nigella seeds


crush the feta onto a plate with the back of a fork

roughly chop or tear the mint and parsley and then mix and crush it into the feta.

chop the tomatoes and pile on top. if using sprinkle over the nigella seeds.

crack over the pepper and drizzle the oil. serve with warm bread and salad, hummus or ful.

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