Sumac Eggs

Believe it or not this is basically a weekday breakfast in Palestine. Its simple enough if you aren’t making the labaneh and bread from scratch and you already have them in your fridge/ freezer. Just fry up some eggs and chop some tomatoes. this is a good breakfast for 4.


3 eggs

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp sumac

1/2 tsp of salt

pinch of za’atar


in a small frying pan heat the olive oil until hot and then crack three eggs into it (it will spit quite a bit). sprinkle the salt onto the eggs focusing on the yolk and half the sumac.

when the whites have mostly cooked and become ‘solid’ use a wooden spoon to turn the eggs in one direction and then another ( a gentle ying yang motion), slowly breaking up the yolks and the whites turning it to all cook. Then transfer to a plate and sprinkle on the remaining sumac and the pinch of za’atar and any of the cooking oil. (you can also drizzle on a bit more oil from the bottle- i do!)

serve this with Ka’ak al Quds, Labaneh ma Jouz w fil fil, and salata bandour

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