Growing up, there wasn’t a BBQ, Party or event that mama was cooking for where she didn’t serve Tabbouleh. this is as traditional and authentic as it gets. In the 35 years I have been eating it, it hasn’t changed a because its just perfect… and so reassuring.


an absolutely huge bunch of parsley

2 small peeled cucumbers

3 plump on-vine tomatoes

4 spring onions

1/3 cup of bulghar wheat

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

juice of half a lemon

salt & pepper


soak the bulghar wheat in 1 litre of water

wash and very finely chop the parsley (this can be pulsed in a food processor), cucumber, tomatoes an spring onions. after 30 minutes, drain the bulghar well and add it to the rest of the salad.

add the lemon, oil, salt and a crack of pepper. its up to your own taste, but I recommend a good amount of salt. If you want to make this ahead of time, you can keep it in the fridge but don’t dress it until just before you eat.

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