Bateekh wa Jibna

This dish reminds we of warm days followed by cool evenings in Palestine when the whole family gets together to chat, eat and relax. The watermelons in Palestine are huge oblongs that could feed a whole party. on hot days, i like to serve this dish when friends first arrive before we get the BBQ going as its so refreshing.


1/2 watermelon, cut into thin triangle slices

100g feta

50g halloumi

a good handful of mint

a pinch of nigella seeds

a drizzle of pomegranate molasses


arrange the watermelon on a serving plate

crumble the feta into a bowl

finely chop the halloumi and mix into the feta and then arrange onto the watermelon.

sprinkle over the chopped mint, nigella seeds and a tony drizzle of pomegranate molasses. serve immediately.

One thought on “Bateekh wa Jibna

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