I remember when I first started traveling back and forth to Palestine a few times a year with work, my team and I used to stay in a lovely little hotel a short walk form the city centre. the lovely thing about being where we were is that we found all the little simple places that people who really know Ramallah would go to. one of my favourite of those places was a tiny shawarma shop where you had point through the glass counter – as it was pointless trying to speak more loudly than the Arabic dance music playing-at everything you wanted to add to your shawarma wrap while the big man in his vest, cigarette perched between his lips, would overfill your sandwich for you all while shouting into the phone nestled between his shoulder and cheek with a large fan pointed directly at him trying to cool his perspiring body. He was always especially generous with the Ba’dounsia which suited me just fine. I loved his Shawarma. And making this sauce- which is essential for Kofta, kebab, cauliflower fritters, courgette fritters and falafel- takes me right back.


60g tahini

2 large handfuls of parsley (I prefer curly leaf for this recipe) , chopped


juice of half a lemon

cold water


add the lemon juice to the tahini and stir until a thick and hard paste starts forming. then add a teaspoon of water at a time while stirring to help loosen it and stop adding the water when you get a nice smooth and runny liquid (not too watery, but honestly you can chose your own consistency.)

add salt and parsley and mix through. drizzle over meats and anything fried of serve in a bowl for everyone to help themselves.

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