Griddled Halloumi

‘Halloumi!’ Otis always shouts when I ask him if he wants anything from the shops. He loves the stuff and it’s the only lone cheese he will eat. And eat it he does. Our main challenge on a Sunday morning is to stop him from eating it all at breakfast.

Halloumi is a sheep’s cheese and has a lovely springy texture which becomes both crisp and silken when cooked correctly. I feel a bit cheeky writing such a simple recipe, but I also know that a lot of people ruin Halloumi under a grill or in oil so it’s worth getting it right.


One block of Halloumi cut into 1cm slices


Place all the Halloumi slices into a cold non-stick pan and put onto a medium heat

The cheese will let of a bit of liquid and then dry off

A minute or two after the pan has dried check the cheese and if golden and gorgeous turn

Cook until the other side is also golden and then serve immediately

Do this right at the end as people are sitting, drinks are being poured and bread is being warmed.

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