Griddled Baby Aubergines with Heritage Tomatoes, Mint and Tahini

I am normally not particularly fond of tahini as a dressing, but drizzled over these aubergines and tomatoes it is quite delicious.  this is a simple recipe that makes a nice lunch or a side to a larger meal at the weekend, especially my sumac roasted chicken.

Aubergines are very good for removing toxins from the body, supporting your gut health and blood sugar. mint is also very good for soothing stomach upsets and sesame seeds are very good for your skin and support your liver as well as being very high in vitamin C, so you can eat plentifully with confidence.

3 baby aubergines
Small handful of tiny red, green and orange heritage tomatoes
Small handful of fresh mint
2 tbps tahini
1 tbps extra virgin olive oil (optional)
Loads of Himalayan pink salt

1. keeping the head of the aubergines on, slice the aubergines lengthways into thin slices
2. rub the salt all over the aubergine slices and place in a sieve on top of a pot with a weight on them (I use a side plate on the aubergines weighed down with a few cans). Leave them to drain for 30-40 mins
3. in the meantime, quarter the tomatoes and roughly chop or tear the mint
4. once the 30-40 minutes is over, make sure all the liquid is drained from aubergines by squeezing with your hands
5. place on a hot, dry griddle pan over a medium heat and griddle on each side until nicely browned (3-5 minutes on each side.
6. arrange on a plate with the tomatoes and mint and drizzle over the tahini and add the olive oil if you wish.

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