Fig, Honey & Pinenut Salad


Growing up I always knew that autumn was around the corner when Mama used to bring figs home from the market, and their deep purple colouring and cherry red interior still reminds me of autumn today. Figs are in season right now (september), so they are at their sweetest and cheapest.

This is a real ‘wow’ recipe, the one you make to impress your friends or delight your family. It looks oh so pretty, it tastes sensational, and it takes very little time. I like to make this for my husband when he has had a particularly hard day at work and needs a little extra love.

Every bite you take when you eat this salad will be different and will deliver a punch of exceptional tastes and flavours, that leaves you wanting more. The peppery green salad, the sweet honey, the earthy pinenuts and savoury labaneh all add to the deep autumnal flavours.

Figs are a good source of fibre, calcium, potassium and beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body, supporting bone health and regulating heart rate. Honey is also a real hero in this recipe, containing vitamins C, D, E, K, B-complex, beta-carotene, minerals, enzymes and essential oils. It is important that you use raw honey to get the best of micro-nutrients and enzymes. Honey that has been heated has essentially the same effect on your body as refined sugar, so it’s best to avoid it.



1 handful peppery salad leaves (like a rocket)
3 purple figs, sliced
2 tbsp labaneh (or cream cheese) with a small amount of chopped red chili in it
½ tbsp pinenuts
2 tbsp raw honey


1. spread the salad leaves onto a plate
2. arrange the figs one layer thick over the salad
3. dot the labaneh (or cream cheese) around on top of the figs
4. evenly scatter over the pinenuts
5. drizzle with the honey and serve

6 thoughts on “Fig, Honey & Pinenut Salad

    • Hello, @dimshum! That is great- so good to get wonderful food for a good price. I just stocked up on figs too for the same reason.

      I hope you really enjoy making and eating it. let me know if you like it.

    • *over the moon with delight!!!* Thank you so much! I am genuinely so happy that you tried and enjoyed it! You have made my day, I’ll be smiling until go to sleep. I’ve got a few nice autumnal recipes that i need to get up there, so hope they prove as delicious! x

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