Zayt & Za’atar (Olive Oil and Thyme)


Zayt & Za’atar translates into English as Oil and Thyme. This is a simple and delicious combination of fruity silky oil and salty tangy herbs, and makes up the best part of a traditional Palestinian breakfast. It’s also great as a simple snack and makes perfect ‘ nibbles’ if you have friends over for a dinner party.

In Palestine, you can buy serving dishes especially for Zayt & Za’atar, with two compartments to house the za’atar mix and the olive oil, and every household owns one keeping them permanently filled.

The essentuial fatty acids from the olive oil and the sesame are very good for you and thyme is filled with beneficial micro-nutrients like vitamin B-6 and powerful antioxidants. Mama always used to make za’atar on toast for us when we were revising and taking exams as she said it improved memory.

This is not actually a recipe, rather it’s a suggestion. It’s a suggestion I think you will enjoy and come back to again and again.


extra virgin olive oil
organic natural yoghurt
olives (any colour you want)
4 small dishes


1. Fill each dish with one of the above items
2. Serve with warm Skillet Buckwheat Flatbreads

5 thoughts on “Zayt & Za’atar (Olive Oil and Thyme)

      • backtowhatever

        I will try some of them this weekend hopefully 🙂 I do love middle eastern food, it is very similar to the Balkan’s food (where I was born) but much better 🙂 My great-grandparents were from the middle east, so probably there is some genetic explanation for that 🙂

      • Lovely!! I once spent a summer traveling in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro and I remember the food was amazing!! Would love to get some recipes from you too!! Good luck trying some of my recipes, would be great to know how they worked out for you. I’m sure you’ll love them!

      • backtowhatever

        I just started with blogging again after quite a while but sure there will be recipes and pictures soon in my postings 🙂 I’ll tell you how I liked your food these days 🙂

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