Green Juice & Figs


I first came across juicing when I became very ill.  I was in continual chronic pain for months and unable to move most if my joints. I had been prescribed many toxic drugs which got me moving again, but I still felt terrible. I genuinely feel that juicing has changed my health, wellbeing and my life.

I normally have a green juice for my lunch.  However, today the fruit and veg stall outside my office had plump, purple figs on sale, so I stopped and bought six.  Figs are a real favourite of mine and they remind me of long days in my pre-teens when I’d spend warm weekend afternoons climbing the big fig tree in our garden. It was very grey in London today, so this was just the memory I needed.

This juice is filled with chlorophyll and many vitamins so it is very cleansing as well as delivering amazing health benefits.  The micro-nutrients can be absorbed very quickly into your body as you have already removed the non – soluble fibres in the juicing, allowing your body to detoxify itself and heal.


1/4 pineapple
2 apples
1 lime, peeled
1 celery stalk
1/6 cucumber
1 large handful spinach
few stalks parsley
1/2 avocado


1. Put all the fruit and veg (except the avocado) through a juicer
2. Put the avocado flesh and the juice in a blender and blitz for 1 minute
3. Serve with the figs.

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